Saturday, October 24, 2009

9 and counting...

Alex turned 9 today. Here are some pictures. I am down with fevers so there isn't much narration. We went to Boo at the Zoo for his B-day. He has grown so much. This first picture was taken in 2006 just after we moved to boise. He was 5 1/2. What a cutie.

This one was in Feb. of 2006 and the one before was in May. This one is of him at about 19 months just after Sam was born.I love the cubbie cheeks.
And here he is today. LOL he is Goul for Halloween. Hannah is a Tinker Bell.

Sam and Nik were wizards.
Gouls don't smile, but wizards oviously do. LOL
I did get one of him smiling though.
Praire Dog Hole.

At home opening presents.
Nik did Happy Birthday on his Viola
Digging In.

He got Electonic Battleship and a Bakugone. He is sure growing. I love you Al. :) Happy Birthday.


Cindi said...

Happy Birthday to Alex! How fast the time is flying! What a fun day!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

It was a fun Day. Happy B-Day Alex


Becky said...

Sorry you are sick. Wish we were closer so that I could bring you some yummy soup! :) Great pictures! And Happy Birthday to Alex.