Monday, September 28, 2009

With the Family

As you know Matt and Megg came up. So on Saturday while Marc and Matt were at the temple, Megg and I went with the kids to the park. While we were there, the VA was having a fundraiser and a Black Hawk landed right there in the field. It was sooo cool. We got to go up and touch it. Here is Megg, Beck, and lady C. :)Here are the boys touching the tail. It was just the funnest thing to have it land right where we were. Getting kisses from momma. Sweetness :DUncle Marc-e making Caitlyn look even smaller than she is. She is so fun to snuggle.Megg and I went to the Devil Store, aka, Fred Meyers, and found some really cute things on clearance. So like any good auntie I talked momma into letting me play dress up with my niece. We found these really cute pants and some long sleeve onesies to go with them. I love how her skinny feet are so cute sticking out. Here she is in her leggings. She needs a bit more meat on her bones to fill them out. They kept falling off her butt. LOLThis was a pretty little outfit, but it was the look of "Seriously, you are changing me again." Looked a bit like her mother here.Matt says that is a look he has seen before. LOLHere is Sam "the football player" and Beckham "the Timberline coach". Beck coached Sam to a victory in their imaginary football game. :)
This is Hannah in her natural habitat. The hair just has a mind of its own.
Marc and Matt went to the Temple and I got this great picture of them all spiffied up. What handsome men. ;) This last picture is of my newest addition. I need a bit more cupboard space for my plastic stuff. I added the brown cabinet. It is working well. This week is busy. I have test on Friday and I finish grading test by Wednesday, as well as, a gazillion math questions. That reminds me, got an 89 on my first math test. Thank heavens. It was not easy and I about ran out of time so it got iffy at the end. I will be glad when I am done with my math classes.


msnhascat1 said...

i take all the time and don't do half as well. What is your secret. LOL



Heavenly said...

We love Fred Meyer clearance sales!! Cheap, cheap, cheap. And cute to boot. LOL