Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Alex has been seeing an occupational therapist off and on for a little bit now to help him with some of his sensory issue. Nancy is who he sees and she gave us the brushing technique that helps him so much with his aggravation. We started out at a different office, but then she moved over to this new place with some really cool stuff. Today Alex did some bag work. They are actually like these giant wombs that Alex can curl up in and climb through.
The green blob is Al working his way though. It was so funny! He has a blast and really likes going to see Nancy.

The object was to get from one bean bag to the other without touching the "water". He had to slither himself through the green bag, to and through the blue bag, to the red bean bag.
He wiggle and squirmed like some deranged caterpillar. :D
He fell out multiple times too, but he finally figured out how to make it all the way across.
This was another thing he had to do. Catch the yellow bean bag and throw it into a bin, but stay in the stretchy thing while he was doing it. He got flying on his last attempt. :)But its not just fun, lol, he has to do a sensory clapping program on the computer. This is not his favorite thing, because he wants the speed of the metronome clap to be the same. So he get frustrated when he gets lower scores when it is at different speeds. He uses his hands and his feet to do the clapping and it is amazing to me the awkwardness that is inherent to Aspergers when it comes to his large motor skills. We are also going to get him a "bear hug", because as he gets older (10, 11, 12) brushing becomes harder to do with bigger limbs and this device really helps. It is a large elastic, Velcro strap that wraps around the belly and chest and then two straps that wrap over the shoulders, basically giving him a bear hug all the time. (You can see it pretty well in the last picture, it is black.) He really likes it. His chewing has gotten better and he is not eating his pencils down to the lead right now and we are doing better with him bushing his teeth. (One of the odd symptoms of Aspergers that those children struggle with the oral sensation of teeth brushing.) We will continue with Nancy for about 16 weeks, probably a little less because Al is so sharp and it shouldn't take to long to master what need to be done. :)


Becky said...

very cool! I'm glad that he is doing so well in OT. We have some of those things at our house for Ben. The kids LOVE them. :)

Katrina said...

How cool, that is great that he is doing better...you go Alex