Saturday, September 19, 2009

Horse Troughs

Tonight we had our church harvest party. It was lots of fun. Sloppy Joe's, fruit salad, and some seriously yummy dessert. I at too many ginger snaps, but MAN they were good! We all had a very nice time and it was nice to get out and be part of the ward family. Last night Marc had a varsity game. We got beat bad, 52-7 but I did get this great picture of Sam. He LOVES football and being a coach and player like his dad. This is the outfit that he put together by himself. Makes me laugh. Here he is all decked out in his "coaching gear".
These are the pictures from this evening. Marc and some of the boys were playing football. Surprising, I know. LOL Anyway here is Nik just about to catch the ball. :)
Then here is one of the favorite pastimes of any LDS church party, the dunking bin. Basically we are enjoying dunking our kids into a horse trough. It has been that way since I was a kid. :) Anyways Alex surprised me by being one of the first to get up there and get dunked.
He is such a cutie. He is coming up on 9 really fast. Oct. 24. Just about 4 1/2 weeks. I can't believe how they grow.
After Alex got up there Sam had to get up there. He was a bit nervous, but sucked it up and got dunked nicely.
Here is Hannah on her way down. She was the first girl to get up there. No surprise that either. :) She is such and adventurer. Nik also got up there at the end, but that was so long after the other kids that I didn't get a picture. It always takes him a bit longer to work up the courage. We all had a good evening. Marc and I got to hold some of the newer babies that have been born. It just makes more even more itchy to get my hands on my newest niece! Matt and Megg are coming with the yahoo's on Thursday. We can't wait.

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Becky said...

FUN pictures. :) Cute kids!