Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Tonight Nik and I went out and got him some new glasses. The stem on the ones he has had since February broke. He is hard on glasses, but I was too at that age. Still am. :P Anyways I took a few pictures while we were waiting for them to finish up. What I didn't realise until I was downloading my pictures was how Nik is maturing and changing again.Look at that face! I am going to have a man before I blink. He is up to my ear now. Only a few more inches to go and he will be taller than me. I expect that to happen over this next year. He turns 12 in December. It is a very interesting blend of little boy and a more responsible teenager.

Here are the new glasses. I sure like the more square silver frames on his face. You can see more of it and they look less heavy. He can sure be a sweetie and it was nice to spend some one on one time with my big boy. :)


msnhascat1 said...

They sure are getting big. Too fast.



AJ said...

Yep, don't blink!

Michelle said...

He must be getting tall if he comes up to your ears. Can you believe how fast they grow. I like it sometimes and sometimes I just want to stop time.

Katrina said...

my goodness Niki, your turning into a wonderful young man. what a handsome one too... love you