Saturday, September 12, 2009


Marc loves long hair and when we started school a few years ago I promised him that I wouldn't cut my hair while I was in school. I was doing pretty good, but then had a bout with depression my first year in and cut it some, but since then I have been letting it grow (as I want long hair too). The only problem with this is the fact that my hair grows soooo slow. Mud travels faster uphill than my hair grows. The only time when that isn't the case is when I was pregnant and I will never have those hormones again. :) So now with my hair getting quiet long I have been looking for good conditioners to keep it healthy and shiny because cutting it and getting it to grow back TAKES FOREVER! So at Grocery Outlet on Thursday I found this product in the beauty section and thought "cool a great conditioner". Now as you can see on the container the labeling on both sides has very little English on it, but I deducted from the labels on both sides that this was conditioner for the hair. "Haarconditionar" translates to Hair Conditoner and "Apres-Shampooing" After Shampooing seemed like a pretty safe bet. I am hear to tell you, IF YOU CAN NOT READ THE LABEL, ASSUME NOTHING!!! But did I think of this, NO. So I went home and got ready for bed and tried out my new conditioner. It seemed really thick, but I was like this is conditioner so okay. Then it really didn't rinse out, just kind of got clumpy, but being me I thought maybe this is the leave in kind that will be better when it drys. Didn't seem to get much better as it dried, but I thought maybe it is the kind you leave in overnight so it will come out in the morning. Nope. My hair was still very, very clumpy and greasy in the morning. So I tried normal shampoo, didn't work. Then I thought Dawn dish soap, takes out grease right? Nope. Then I slathered my hair in peanut butter, takes out gum why not this? Nope. Washed with Dawn to get the peanut butter out, but the grease was still there. (The peanut butter was chunky by the way, very gross.) By this point I was sobbing to Marc (who was patiently helping me at this point) that I was going to have cut my hair and it was going to take forever to grow back and he loved my hair now. :( So Marc finally asked what I had used and I gave him the container and guess what? The only thing in English was the ingredient list and the second ingredient was petroleum (Vaseline) and the third was beeswax. AHHHHAAHHHAGGGHH!
I had slathered my hair in Vaseline and wax, and it was not coming out! So Marc got on the Internet and found out what to do to get Vaseline out of your hair. I was to take corn starch and cake it on my head, then take clarifying shampoo and was it out, because the cornstarch binds to the Vaseline and the shampoo washes out the corn starch. Miracle of all miracles is that this worked! I didn't have to shave my head, but it was close. To say it was a rough day is an understatement. So the moral is: Ask your sister-in-law for the name of the cool conditioner that you used at her house last year. Don't assume anything. And never, ever put Vaseline in your hair.


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

i love you. long or short hair.



Nicole said...

I really loved that story!! It made me laugh! Thanks for the great story!

Three Catanzaros said...

awwww Stacie:( that is awful...and hilarious at the same time :X

The Crazy Heads said...

Thank you thank you for sharing that, I laughed out-loud. My solution would be call someone who knows spanish and read them the label. P.S. Just don't put anything anywhere that is mainly in spanish. Good luck!!!!

Rex Family said...

That's horrible. I am glad you got it out though. I used to use Dawn dish soap on my hair everyday when I was in high school because it was so greasy.

Jen said...


Oh my goodness I couldn't stop laughing :)

I love you, glad you got it washed out alright :)


Heavenly said...'s french on one side and says "after shampooing" and "pure oil of coconut" and "with vitamin E"--the other side is in a germanic or slavic language. is meant for conditioning the hair. You should not have had the problems you did. I would call or look up Palmer's website and tell them what happened. Maybe you can get your money back.

Debbie Murdock said...

Oh boy...I can't help but laugh but that would stink! I know sometimes people of different ethnic backgrounds with coarse hair use cocunut oil based stuff after washing but it's something they sparsely use. That is just crazy.