Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whits End

I only have three day and counting left until the kids start school!!! I can not wait for them to get back to the routine. THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!!! To illustrate: Today I was taking on the phone to my Mom-in-law and first get the question "Do clown fish eat meat?" No. Then I get Mom, .... MOm, .... MOM, .... MOMMMM! To which I finally respond, WhAt?! Only to get asked, "Do clown fish have teeth so that they could eat meat if they wanted to?" Seriously where do they get this stuff? Personally I think they are trying to punish me for talking on the phone and not being at their beckon call every minute of every day. lol It is defiantly getting a bit crazy around here. On a better note, I got all of my laundry gone through, washed, dried, folded and put away. :D I made the kids bring down every stitch of clothing they owned and we (mostly I) went though the pile and I got ride of 6 garbage full bags of cloths that they couldn't fit into or use any more. It should make the laundry soooo much easier. I finished all of their school shopping and everything is in their bags ready for Monday morning. And you may ask, "Where is Marc?" At football of course. They finished with doubles, but have practice from 6-9 this week. Except for today, 3-6 but then the coaches were off to a jamboree in Eagle and I won't see him before I go to be. *sigh* Such is the life. Well my newest niece was born on Tuesday morning. She is a cutie (not that I have got to see more than pictures yet) but those that I have seen are adorable. :D I hope to put up a picture of her soon, so that I can show her off to everyone. Well wish me luck with my psychotic children and good luck to all of you that have yet to get yours off to school too.
P.S. I have been collecting basket, since Meggo mentioned awhile back that using them above my cupboards might help things look less cluttered. Thanks Megg :) I got it arranged today and I think it looks pretty good. Still full, but better organised. Anyhoo, here are the pictures of my more or less mess.


Becky said...

sorry they are driving you NUTS! I am NOT ready for mine to go back. I'd rather have them home then deal with SCHOOL and the crazy afternoon schedule. I like my lazy summer days with the kids.'ll all end Tuesday. (sniff, sniff)

Three Catanzaros said...

nice baskets:) hey...if clown fish have teeth do they have toothbrushes to brush them with? :P

Debbie Murdock said...

I'm still chuckling at that psychotic kids comment.

Melissa said...

I totally hear you on the kids driving you nuts. the main schools here started, but no the one my kids will be going to so all their friends are back to school but they are not. No more playdates to try to keep my sanity. Grrrr!

I love your basket collection! What a great way to keep things out of sight.

Cindi said...

I used to feel so sad all summer about my kids going back to school...then that last week before, they would start arguing, pestering, being "bored", and it made it a little easier...I still cried on the first day, but I got over it pretty quick when after school activities began! (love the basket look by the way...the assortment is charming! If I had a space above my cupboards, I would copy you!)

msnhascat1 said...

Sorry I am not around. You know it bothers me too. I love you. It will all be over in November. LOL