Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well Worth the Work

This afternoon the girls worked on making some jelly and jam. Jenny and Megg, but mostly Jen wanted get a tutorial so that she can make some when she goes home. We had fun, but sweated our tails off too. :) Here is Megg making her first batch EVER! I didn't get pictures of Jenny making her batch, I was a slacker and forgot to pull out the camera for that. lol She did a great job.
Mmmm, blackberry yumminess! Megg getting her jar filled.
Getting the lid on.
Hot! Hot! Hot! In order to get seed free, delicious blackberry jam you have to squeeze the juice though some sort of strainer (we used gallon paint strainers, they work better than cheese cloth). I put the girls to work squashing the berries. It is not easy and kinda gross. As you can see from the faces the girls didn't find it the most pleasant thing in the world, but they ploughed through.
Katrina and I worked for just about 4 hours (Jen and Megg for about 2) and these beautiful jewels are the fruits of our labor.
13 quarts, 10 pints, and 12 half pints of peach, apple, blackberry, and cherry jam and jelly.
They are gorgeous! Grandpa Savage would be so proud! (Nana make sure he gets to see these photo's).
I just love the way the light hits the jars and reflects through the syrup and fruit. This much jam/jelly will last us for months and month. We worked hard, burnt our fingers a time our too and ate too much of the leftovers. (Ritz crackers, cream cheese and fresh jelly make for some seriously yummy lunch). There is nothing like spending the afternoon in good company and seeing the accomplishments that will feed your family for sometime to come.


Libby said...

I saw your blog link off our your profile and wanted to check it out. I hope that is ok. It is fun to be in touch with you again. We have a blog, but it is private. I will send you an invite if you would like to view it. My email address is Let me know the email address you would like it sent to and you can see it. Can I put you on our link list?

msnhascat1 said...

can't wait to try it.
happy to see you guys.



Krista said...

You. Are. AWESOME. How on earth do you make such wonderful stuff??? ROCK ON!!! :-)