Saturday, August 8, 2009


Marc and Katrina were playing Mercy and Katrina lost in about two seconds. LOL You tell where Marc-e gets his smile. Today we took Kristen and the kids to Camels Back Park because Devin wanted to "climb a mountain". LOL So as we have taken all our family so far we took them and went a hiking!
We have had tons of rain the last two day and they cute huge rivets through the sand. Kristen and I hiked up the side and then went down the face.The addtion of fencing has made it somewhat easier to go up and down the face.
I love this one of Kristen and Courtney. They are so cute.What a hansome family! They are soo cute. I got this cute picture of Nik and Devin. Nik turns 12 in December and Dev turns 13 on the 29 of this month. LOL My kids really are not too small. We have also been in the pool already today and are headed back out this evening. The kids have had a ball playing with Courntey.
Katrina and Kristen looked great in this picture. :) They said that Nana would be proud!This last picture just makes Kristen and I laugh! Erica got her suit in Maine and Hannah got hers here in Idaho. Just goes to show you how hard it is to find a modest swimsuit at Walmart these days!
They are some cutie young ladies. :)


Three Catanzaros said...

you guys are a bunch of poopers :(

Heavenly said...

LOL...we have to get Gabrielle's suits at Costco in order to find one that is modest.

The Fletchers said...

Hannah is really beautiful Stacie, Ur gonna have to watch out for that one :)