Tuesday, August 4, 2009


As you know my life of late has been filled with pregnant women. My sister, Delanie, just had her little boy 2 weeks ago and my sister-in-law, Meggan, is due officially on the 24 of August. Yep, that is only 3 weeks! You also know that I have creative photography as a class this summer and my family have been my guinea pigs. :P I wanted to get some prego pictures of both my beautiful sisters and was finally able to get the CD I had, developed. And wal-la pregnant beauties! This was Delanie just about 18 days before she had Ben. She is such a ham. This was her imitation the agonies of pregnant women everywhere. LOL she makes me laugh!And here is the beautiful Megg. She is so flippin' photogenic. I know she doesn't see it but she just glows. She is 33 weeks in these photos, but was offically 37 weeks as of Monday. Go Megg! These last two pictures are sweet, but make me laugh too. I had never seen the whole "heart over baby belly" before Megg was like "Oh I should do this", then not two days later Delanie is like "Oh I should do this" and she made the heart too. LOL
On a side note I love the color and tone of these last two pictures, even though Delanie's hands are a little bright. After being in my photo class now, my brain is like, "I know how to fix that!" Just not digitally. LOL Meggs only has 20 days left and I am so anxious to meet my next newest niece! Everyone think "Happy Cervix, Happy Cervix!"


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I look like hell....lol

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cute pictures. i love the heart ones at the end. :)