Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Shower

Yesterday we had an absentee baby shower for Meggs. She wasn't missing but there wasn't very many family that could come. (As they are mostly in NH.) So to pass some time while we were waiting for her to get here, we decided to take pictures of the the ladies. Katrina and Kristin are in the first.
The younger set played outside. I thought this was a wonderful picture of the 4 ladies. :)
Me and Katrina
Jen and Kristen
Katrina and Jenny

Lady Lulu
Here is the party all set up and ready for a pregnant lady.

Jenny decorated with this cute idea of putting up unwrapped cloths on a cloths-line. It was a great idea and I will use it in the future. :)
The other line.

This is the diaper/diaper pad cake. Jen did a great job on it. Useful and cute!

Here is the lady of the hour. She only has at the most one week left! She will be 40 weeks on Monday the 24th and if she hasn't gone on her own before her appointment on Monday, then her doctor is breaking her water. Personally I am hoping before then or I will be taking another trip back to Utah on the following weekend. :P This is the blanket the Jen designed and made for Megg. Jenny made a whole crib set, bumper, crib skirt and quilt. She did a good job. Megg was happy with the shower and it was fun to do. Megg is swollen and I don't think that is going to go down until after she has the baby now, but everything is checking out good with her blood pressure and everything. She hasn't progressed from the one centimeter of last week. But they won't let her go beyond Monday, so at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. :D

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Looks Like you ladies had fun.