Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Full Day

Well today Kristen and her kids headed back to Maine. Man, that vacation flew by! But it started the day out early. Katrina and I cleaned house this morning, getting everything set up for the kids and I for the next 3 days. :) Miss B got a second sun dress and I got her to pose. She is so pretty and grown up.
Her and Lulu were practicing her walking. It was too sweet. We went to the public pool and the kids conquered the high dive. Alex did great! I was surprised at how fearless he was. He was doing flips and dives.
Nik got some serious height on this one, but on one of his other jumps he over rotated and back-flopped into the water. Hurt like heck! Poor guy had welts.
I can't believe how blue her eyes are.
Here is B doing a pencil drop.
It took Sam 4 times of walking up and then walking down before he got enough courage to jump off and then he jump 3 more times. I was so proud of him.
Here is the flip that Nik ended up on his back on. Look cool in the air, but OUCH!
This afternoon Delanie and the boys came up from her house for an afternoon visit. It is the first time my kids got to see their newest nephew. Hannah help Ben for an hour and was in hog heaven. It was really sweet.

Delanie has lost all but 8 pounds of her baby weight and looks FABULOUS! I am proud of her driving up with just the boys.
Katrina has tons of blackberries and let Delanie pick some to bring home. Jesse and Ryan were helping too.
Ryan was eating some too. :)
Delanie was enjoying herself too.
Sam and Nik held Ben too. I just didn't get the picture of Nik and Ben. Alex still doesn't like babies. lol Oh well. Someday he will like kids. We are going to make jam tomorrow. So you all will get some beautiful jelly pictures in the next few days. :) Love you All

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