Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeding the Hoard!

Meggs is getting very ready for her newest addition to get here! Not that I can blame her. She is 39 weeks today and the poor girl is swollen and tired. :( She is looking really good though, even with her feeling like crap. Jen and Lulu got here on Friday as a surprise for everyone. But they both came down with a cold just before they left. L has grown so since Christmas, which is what babies do I know. She reminds me of Hannah B at that age. Not her features, but her chunky little body and that cute bald head.
I got this sweet smile yesterday after her nap. She is a cute little doll. She has brilliant blue eyes that catch the light. She is also trying to walk everywhere. Mostly just cruising the furniture. But with her and Jen added to the bunchthere are A LOT of people at the in-laws house. Most of which are staying here, with the exception of Jenny and L (they are staying at Meggs) and the other kids that live in Utah. But as is tradition everyone comes over for Sunday dinner. So with those that could make it to dinner last night there were 15 of us! To accommodate all these hungry mouths dinner consisted of Spaghetti, Shepard's Pie, and Tater-tot Casserole. LOL It was so funny to sit back and watch! They converged on the food like hungry wolves. Here we are trying to find a spot. The "Guy's" at in the living room.Mmm, spaghetti!This is all that was left. Here is the Tater-tot casserole tid-bits.No noodles left for spaghetti, just some sauce.And just about enough Shepard's pie for Devin's snack. LOL

Plus they ate about 4 dozen cookies that Matt cooked up for dessert. It is going to be like feeding bottomless pits when my 4 become full on teens. :D I can't wait!

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msnhascat1 said...

Missing you guys.

Lots of love