Friday, August 28, 2009

Butter Me and Call Me Toast!

This evening Marc had his first football scrimmage of the season. Their game in on Wednesday and this was a decent marker for were they are at. East Jr. High just put in a new turf football field and as part of the effort to get one at Timberline, we have been doing some practicing and the scrimmage here. (Lots of money needs to be raised to get one, but I am not sure that will happen while we are coaching there, yes we.) Anyways this is were the scrimmage took place.It's a very nice field and I would have appreciated it much more had it not been 101 degrees while we were there! *good grief* It is such an interesting dichotomy that one half of the season you are melting into the bleacher and the other half you are frozen to them. lol Sam is my football nut. I expect him and Nik to play. Both have said they want to and I love this picture of Sam contemplating the field.He has grown so much over the 3 1/2 years that we have been here. I know it will just be a blink of the eye and he will be almost 12 like Nik is now. :/ I am not sure I am ready for that. He still tries to crawl in my lap and tell me his worries.We have so many more players this year for the team. 30 kids that were not being counted on showed up for the start of doubles and the coaches were ecstatic and a bit overwhelmed. They went from 60 last year to 81 players this year. Good coaches will do that. *wink wink*
Here's Marc with two of his JV staff. He has a couple of new young guys, but this doesn't seem to phase Marc. :)
So the kiddo's did pretty good. We were there for about 2 hours between before, scrimmage, and after and we were really hot! So I let them soak themselves in the "water horse" used as a drinking fountain for the football players. Hence all the wet blotches on the clothing. Poor Al got out of the house with pants on and looks like he was dying. :(This was probably the happiest Sam looked the whole time. It was such drama to sit for an hour! lol He is a goober. The kids finally decided that it was just to hot to sit and when I looked over they were all laied out like strips of bacon ready for the grill.
I had to get a shot from the front! They make me laugh. It is their saving grace, and that they are stinkin' cute when they sleep. :) The scrimmage went good for Marc. His 1st string JV Offence played well against the Varsity 2nd string defence and got a touchdown. Didn't make the Varsity happy but oh well. :P We went and dunked in the river afterwards and all felt much better for our roasting. I was glad to go and support my hubby. He is an AWESOME coach and I love seeing him work. It is a bit nerve racking because I have no control, but I am learning to let go and that is a good thing. :)


msnhascat1 said...

Yes control freak I can see that ;P Just kidding and you know it. I love you and you know that I need all the help I can get.



Becky said...

fun pictures...sorry it was SO HOT! Wish we could some of your's getting too cold, too fast here. :(