Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sweetest Things

So this weekend I got to go down and pick up my mom from my sister's house. This is just a wonderful excuse to go play with my newest nephew. :DBen is soo long. He was 21 inches when he was born and is just getting longer. :) It is very cute.These pictures were for Uncle Marc. Here is Ben in his BSU gear. I love the picture with him sleeping. He is such a doll.Look at that wrinkly forehead! LOLI liked this picture of Delanie. She is looking really good.
Ben has long fingers and toes. Just look at that foot! Mom and I had a wonderful day on Saturday. We went to the temple and the conference center. It was a great day!
Here we are in the conference center.
I liked how mom was part of this genealogy wall. She has done so much and I think it is very fitting for her to be part of this.
Here she is at the Provo Temple. It is were she was sealed to her parents. Jesse is enjoying his new brother, I just had to take lots of pictures of him and Ryan as well.
Baby Ben
Jesse and Ryan with there Star Wars chubbies. They look like older brothers now. Ryan was learning some of the perks of being the big brother, things like big ice cream cones from auntie. *hehehe*
Ben smiling at Grammie. :D
Here is Ben showing off his "old man" wrinkles.

It was really wonderful to hold such a new life in my hands. I love my sister very much and am proud of all she does. It is not easy being a new mom of 3 and she is doing great! Love you Sis


msnhascat1 said...

REALLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are home though. i missed you bunches.



Cindi said...

What a cute little that baby's cheeks!!! Nice to be in the temple with your Mom.

Wendy said...

I just love that shot of the slc temple through the window!!! You could totally blow that up really big... do a little photoshop buy a nice frame for it and voila you'd have a Deseret book style picture for less than half of the cost and its your own work!!!(I especially love it because we got married there!)

Cheryl Martinsen said...

How Fun! Congrats Auntie! I'm so jealous you guys went to the conference center. The Joseph Smith Statue that you took a picture with is my favorite! I used to always take people there to share about the Restoration when I was on my mission there. I miss T-square so bad! I'm glad you are having fun.