Monday, July 6, 2009

Day One

So today starts my week with only 1 child. It is very weird. Hannah is still sleeping and it is 11:30 in the morning! Holy Cow! (The boys are staying with their Grammie and Grandpa Catanzaro for the week.) Anyways here are the rest of the pictures of the rest of our time at Delanies.The afternoon of the 4th we went hiking at Bridal Vale Falls in Provo Canyon. It was lots of fun. Just Marc and the kids and I hiked up to the second tier because my sister is VERY pregnant. :D Anyways it was good.The spray was great and we all had a blast. Here they are at the second tier.Sam is so silly.Later on we went to the park by Delanies house and had a BBQ and Jason did some small fireworks. I didn't realise he was such a pyro. LOL I love this face! It is such a Delanie look. Her hubby was being goofy and this was the result. :) Aahhh! The grill master. Actually this was his first time as the griller. We had shish-ka-bobs. Yummm-eee!Here is Jesse and Nik with their sparklers. Just a tired, dirty, cutie.On our way home we stopped at the Shoshone Falls. Marc and Hannah haven't seen them before and it is a nice breaking point in the trip. They were running really high still because of all the rain this year.The coolest thing was that on the way down the canyon we drove past an Elk farm and the elf were where we could see them. They were huge! I love the one sticking out its tongue. lolMommy and Hannah.She is so photogenic. We also saw a beautiful sunset. It was such a pretty evening.

We also drive past the Twin Falls Temple. It is so lovely. We made it home just fine and Marc was already off to football and back this morning. It looks to be a lovely day and we are defiantly enjoying the quiet, but it is very strange too. :/ I will get things clean and it will stay that way. *Amazing*


msnhascat1 said...

The Silence is Deafening. LOLOLOL I love you and it is good to be home. After we get some sleep the house will get done ;p



The Crazy Heads said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!! It's weird when you are used to so many kids and then some leave. Hope you get to enjoy a little down time.