Monday, June 8, 2009

To Fun

We decided that we needed some icecream the other night and that Dad should be the one to go get it. But he protested that his shoes were already off and that meant that we had to go get it. :) So the kids in an effort to secure some icecream decided to "help" grandpa put on his shoes. The efforts were pretty funny!
Here is the white board I made. It came out nice. The top is my Shopping List and the bottom is Messages so that the kids always know were to look. :) See I was thinking with that one. The second small picture is the same people as the large just a different scene.
This is my last years Chrismas present from Delanie. She made it and I just got to pick it up from mom's. I love it. It came out great!And certianlly not least is my wonderful hubby. I am so glad to be home with him for the rest of the summer. His weight loss is showing. He is looking great!

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msnhascat1 said...

Love ya babe. happy to have you home.