Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playing Hard

B chased and chased with the kids. We sure used the big back yard at Matt and Meggs.

I love the look on Miss B's face. LOL
This is Miss B's Sprinkler. ROTFLOLOL
Here is a picture that Nik took of Grammy Marlatt planting her tomatoes. The gold thing is a fun maker that she made out of a coat hanger and the top of a can.

Here is Nik pulling branches so that there is enough sun for the tomato's.

At the same time Al and Hannah are playing with an inch worm.

Here it is! The inch worm is on Al's hand.

Nik mowed the lawn for Grammies yesterday. He worked hard on the yard. Go Nik!

So I have finally gotten a quiet moment to put up some of our adventures over the last two weeks. :) Last weekend we went down to Utah and visited the fam there before Megg and B left for Jen's. We had a great time and the kids just played and played. The video is of Miss B doing the "sprinkler". LOL It is totally too cute. She makes me laugh. Right now we are (the kids and I) up in Hayden for just a few days to visit my folks. Marc had to work at football and I start summer school on Monday, so it is a short visit compared with the month visits that we have done in the past. Since we have been here we have worked and played in the yard. We also went to the second hand store today and I found a bunch of fun summer short and such for the kids.

I love half off day Wednesdays! Tomorrow will be a more home day. We have some projects set up to make mosaic stones for the yard decorations out of colored plates. It will be fun. Enjoy the pictures. Love ya. P.S. I just realise that there aren't any pictures of Sam up, but I will get them all up tomorrow. Sam got some new shoes and Al some glasses. Until then.Here's Al holding one of Grammies chickens. :D He is so cute.

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Heavenly said...

Squeek is very upset that she missed you today.

When are you leaving again?