Thursday, June 25, 2009

MK Nature Center

We had a busy, fun filled day today. Our highlight was going to the MK Nature Center. (It is like the Squaum Lakes Nature Center, just smaller.) The kids and I had a great time. On our walk the kids found a rock with petroglyphs. Hannah was really fascinated with them.
Nikolas got to go here with his class for a field trip last year, so he was our offical guide. lol This is him showing us one of the exhibits.I put this pic in because I think it is the plant that we haven't been able to figure out in my mother-in-laws yard. It was labeled Purple Zinnia.
These two fish are what the kiddo's were so intently looking at. They had just add three large Chinook Salmon. I got a few pictures of the bad boys. 36" long. Nik being goofy. :DSam has been gritting his teeth when he smiles again. LOL He looks like a chipmunk.Al loved the bones. He thought that it was cool to hold the skulls and stuff.I kids wanted me to get a picture of the bees and if you click on the picture you can see it up close. We walked though a lovely wildflower garden.If you look close to the right side of the pic, you will see a swallow-tail butterfly. They were delightful!
Just Stunning!We found this wonderful Lily pond tucked away in a corner and found these gorgeous lilies. We also found a little snail hanging out in the water. This is a salamander that was hiding when we came in, but decided to come out when went back through. The kids had never seen one this big. They thought it was funny that he had gotten his head all dirty.Here they are at the end of our hike. lol They are such goobs. We really had a nice day and it was so fun to go with them. I have decided that we need to check out more of the trails around here and get out once a week or so. It is something wonderful to do and free too. What could be better?

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Rest, Relaxation, Sleep. ;p Just kidding love. Sounds great, sorry i missed it. Maybe next time.