Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's See...

For a bit now I have been wanting to blog about what happened to my brother, Wayne. As it is a day tomorrow to celebrate the men in our live I thought now would work. On the 29th of May he was cutting some fencing for his job. It was a very routine, non-safety glass, type of job that he had done hundreds of times. This time though a piece of the fencing flung back and a shard of metal hit him directly in the left eye. After it happened a coworker took him the immediate care, who sent him over to the emergency room in CD'A, who sent him to an eye specialist, who sent him to a more specialized eye specialist in Spokane, who admitted him to Deaconess hospital there. So 5 hours after the accident he finally got pain med. Poor Guy :(

This was after he was admitted to the hospital. He had surgery the next morning. The piece of metal had entered his eye, missed the lens, arched around the back of the eye and basically shredded the back and then some how lodged itself between two layers of the eye at the top of the eyeball. (Make my stomach hurt just typing this.) So after 3 hours of work, twelve stitches in the eye, re-gluing the retina, and filling his eye with a gas bubble that would hold the glue into place, they let him come home. The first week he spent with his head down or on his stomach so that the gas bubble would stay in place. It has been a few weeks now and he has healed remarkably well. This is a picture that I took about 4 days after the accident. He looked tried but good. There was no bruising really from the accident itself, it was a direct hit, but the surgery left him with some swelling for a bit. ***If you are squeamish skip the next picture.****

Here is what the eye looked like. The pupil was kept dilated and all the read was blood that hadn't been absorbed yet. They didn't know until after the surgery if he would be able to even keep the eye and Wayne in his typical fashion figured that at least he could get a really cool glass eye that would scare the kids on Halloween. lol That is my brother. He was release this last week to start working again and he has some vision back. They won't know for about a year how much will totally return, but it is getting better a bit at a time.This here is the 5/16 piece of metal that they removed for his eye. If I could get a better picture you would be able to see that the ends were sheered off like a knife edge. It is like a tiny piece of re-bar. *OUCH* Wayne is one of the best men that I know. I love him so much and I needed to record this for him. He is brave and strong and smart and just dang funny at times. Love you bro.So I was going to say moving on to less drama, but this may not look like it. Out behind our house has been some very decapitate buildings that were condemned. So yesterday and today the fire department has been burning them and using them for training at the same time. It was very dramatic and the kids thought it was *WOW*.But other than that our life has been pretty quiet. We took the kids to a birthday party at the park today. It was fun. Jaden, the boy who had the party, loves Spongebob so they did a pirate theme. Here is Jaden and Sam. They are in the same grade and class at school.The rest of the time we are spending at the pool. It is such a nice way to spend the afternoon. My kids are going to turn into fish by the end of the season. They just love the water. But they come by it legit because their mother does too. :)Last but defiantly not least I made carmel corn yesterday. It was sooooo yummmmy! I love this picture of Sam holding the pan. It was still a little hot and he was sure that he was going to burn himself. lol You can see the worry behind the smile.Well, not much else has been happening. We have a typical Sunday tomorrow with church and home. It is Father's Day so it will be fun to see what the kids make for him in their classes. :) He, Marc that is, always looks too cute in the hand made ties and such that the kiddo's make. Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there. I love my own very much and am very grateful for him in my life. Love you Dad.


msnhascat1 said...

I love you too baby. Thank you for breakfast inm bed. It was delicious. I am happy wayne is doing well too. I love you so much.


Debbie Murdock said...

OH MAN! He is very fortunate...that would be so traumatic to lose your vision.