Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Imaginary Numbers?!?

I love Calvin and Hobbs! Today was my first math test in algebra. It will be interesting to see how I did. I feel like it went okay and I have no issues with a C in math, sooo. I also got back on my bike today. Between the rain and just trying to recoup from traveling I have only rode to summer school once and I have been in school for three weeks already! My time is flying and I won't be into the 230's if I am a slacker.
We are enjoying the pool immensely. Marc and the kids spent 4 hours in today. Split in two sessions with tons of sunscreen. :) Tomorrow is busy. I have a doc apt., Sam has an allergy apt., Marc has football and Alex has Amaya. Plus I think we are trying to go to the nature park in-between. lol Friday Sam and Hannah have a dentist apt, but that is the only thing.


msnhascat1 said...

Busy days ;P No time to rest. Love you.

Cindi said...

Imaginary numbers??? How 'bout this...imagine an A!!!! Just do your best! (I have not doubt you will!)