Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is a fun picture of the boys underwater. Alex and Nik.Actual proof of fun. He is smiling! Nik on the dive.Sam was having some trouble with his goggles and trying to smile at the same time. LOL What a happy child.Here's Marc-e getting ready to throw the "football". Such concentration.Nik with the "football". Actually these are fabric dive stick that they toss back and forth.I don't know why Hannah was doing the peace sign thing. But every time I went to take her picture there they were. Al picked out the orange goggles. He is just too cute.
Today has been a nice, hot, sunny Saturday. This morning Marc and I helped a family that live in our complex move out. That was nice. It is always good to start your day with some service and some yummy donuts too. :) (We only ate two! We had been moving big heavy stuff!) After chores and lunch we headed out to the pool. It is our favorite family pass time these days. Lots of times there isn't anyone in it and its like our own person pool. :D What amazes me most is that Marc spends more time in there than I do. lol Anyone of Marc's family may be shocked at this but I have proof, pictures of him in there smiling away, playing "football" with his kids. He has become a veritable FISH!!!

Look! Look! Look! In just one day that bud is unwinding and I have a second one coming. It has just a bit of pink peeking out just above the one that is opening. ***contented sigh***


msnhascat1 said...

YOU ARE CRAZY WITH THE PLANTS!!!! i love you, Yes you have made one of the many changes in my life , and that of course is i am a fish now. LOLOLOL. I love all the changes you have made in my life.

I love you

Curtis and Shauna said...

Those pictures are fun. It makes me want to go swimming, that water looks so refreshing. Glad your plants are doing well.