Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Week Down

Today was my Friday for my first week of summer school. Math 25 (otherwise known as Algebra) :P is what I am starting out with. I will have this class three days a week from 2:00-3:40pm until August 8th. I don't start my second class until July 13th. Hence all of these other pictures, because my second class is photography. It is black and white film. We will be working in a dark room and doing everything in black and white. I didn't have any film camera's, so Bruce let me barrow his old film one. It is so cool! I am definitely going to have to get a digital version of it to go along with my smaller one. Needless to say I have been playing with it, trying to figure out what is what. This is one of mom's irises and a really pretty evening up there in CDA.I have been working on it with faces too and I thought this one was cute of Marc-e.
Nik wanted me to get one of him jumping. He loves those action shots! lolI have been trying to get eyes, but with Nik I couldn't get him to not squint.This pose was just SO Alex. He is looking at me like "Of course I am Hansom!"All the kids did odd jobs while we were at Grammies. Hannah and Sammy helped load Uncle Wayne's truck for a dump run.I love this shot of Jan. Even though it was to light, I thought it was so pretty. Here is Sam swimmin' in Gram's pool.This one is a little light too, but I love Sam's eyes.These last shots of Alex and Hannah I really thought I nailed. They are soooo cute and the color and detail were pretty good. We are going to have to lock her up until she is 30! Look at the crystal blue! She is growing into such a lovely young lady. Makes my heart hurt just a bit to see all the changes. :/


msnhascat1 said...

You are not kidding. #0 won't be long enough. LOL ;P Awesome pics though. I think you are going to love this class.

Three Catanzaros said...

nice pics stacie! i'm jealous of your class...pooper.

Katrina said...

Very nice pictures... you will love your class.
Love ya