Monday, May 25, 2009

Newest Addition

Here are my three new rose buds. I am going to put better pictures with all three in the same shot today, but this is okay for now.

Look at the middle stock. It like the Amazon Tomato! Here is the new addition of my chive. It needs a hair cut and I will be able to dry all that I cut off. :DI thought this was a really nice picture of Jan and Pat.Here is our great family pic.
Aahh, the true form. LOL
They are all geting so big. Nik is sprouting like my flowers, Al isn't even slouching and look how much taller Nik has gotten. My sister Jan and her husband Patrick came down for the long weekend, they just headed back for home this morning, but we had a great visit. It was really nice to see Jan. She hasn't had the opprotunity to see the new place yet and this was her first time. We went on some walks and did some yard sale-ing and played some Phase-10 and watched some movies. It was very nice. Jan also brought part of mom's very prolific chive plant. So now I have one too! I now have tomato's and onions! My tomato is going nuts and grew like 3 inches in the last day and half. lol I also have three blooms with more to come on my rose bush. Sooo Pretty! Jan also took some pictures after church on Sunday. I thought our family pictures came out really well. I am going to have to get it printed from Wal-Mart. I am really grateful that they came. The kids are off for one more day. I am not sure what we are going to do, but the kids will probably continue their "survior" game. Aunt Jan brought the kids these fun books on how to survive at sea, in the jungle, and in the desert. So they got their survival kits together and went on safari in the back weed area behind the fence that we let them play in. I have plans of getting some pictures of it today. :D TTFNPat and Mark. Pat was hot and want his head buzzed. It look pretty good.This is after Marc and I ended up in a heap because he tried to "dip and kiss" me and I lost my feet and we went down. (Needless to say I am bit sore this morning.)



Your Eternal Companion said...

It was a lot of fun. I love you and will miss you this week. Need some sleep

Love always


Katrina said...

hey you guys, you both look awesome and so do the kids... wow the weight lose is showing so well on both of you... way to go, keep up the great work.
I love the family picture... I am going to print it and put it in your family frame.
Love ya