Saturday, May 2, 2009


Delanie, Jesse, and Ryan. This is one of Jesses favorite things to do. Come up and put his ear on mommies belly. :)Delanie looks great! What a wonderful belly.
Beeelllllyyyy!I have been lamenting about all of the homework that I have had to do for a bit and how I don't have time for anything else. I only have a week left and it is true, not a lot of time, but...there

are times in this life when other thing are more important, even at the expense of others that seem important. My sister and her family moved to Utah about two weeks ago. She is 28 weeks prego and has a 3 and 4 year old little boys. She has had a hard time getting her place together, doesn't know anyone yet, and just generally need a bit of extra help. So I came down Thursday night after school and am staying and helping her until Sunday morning, before I head back home to finish out my week.This the past time that the boys spend most of their time. Wrestling. LOL They just randomly attack each other and then they get stuck. It is sooo funny. I just loved the pragmatic look on his face. We found the "statue" park after an appointment that the boys had yesterday. So they were playing in and around the statues.I had the boys help me in the car to get my stuff out and they found some 'leftover' chubby Starwars figures that they have been playing with ever since. I was supposed to be taking a picture of Yoda. :) But I loved the picture of Ryan. He is really developing his own look.

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Your Eternal Companion said...

Hey they look great. I wish I could have come to my parents but them the brakes.
i miss you so and look foward to your return.