Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Making their hand puppets.

Look at those GRINS! You could light up a football stadium with the wattage. lol

Marc and I are now officially finished with the spring semester. We both took our last final today. Thank You! *sigh* I am so glad to be finished, but it doesn't quite seem real yet. Now that I am done I get to really dig into my house and do some sewing. I found a cute, easy quilt pattern that I am going to start tomorrow, most likely. But that depends on how far I get on my house. :P We shall see. The boys also did projects today. Megg found these fun projects at Wallyworld for Sam and Beck. I personally love the picture of the two of them grinning inanely at the camera. lol Too funny.The kids wanted to craft too, because of all of the crafting that Megg and I have been doing.

Here is the froggy that Beck did. I love that his arms are next to his eyes. Sam and his lion. Rarrr!


Your Eternal Companion said...

First. Wow that is crazy I am never first on anyones blog LOL. I love you, Ya it hasn't set in on me either. I am not sure what to do with myself yet. I am sure that YOU will take care of that for me though ;P


Chris said...

Great smiles. Looks like you guys are going project crazy. Don't burn yourselves out... :) Great job, glad your having so much fun.

Three Catanzaros said...


Katrina said...

I love the pictures of the boys... they both look like they have grown so much. The projects kept them busy for a bit. glad you all have had such a nice time...