Sunday, May 10, 2009


There have been many a day when Marc and I wanted to pull our hair out because we have asked the kids to do something and it was as if we were speaking a foreign language. Anyone who is a parent has probably dealt with this phenomenon. :P So Marc got fed up with Hannah the other day and finally shouted that he need a dictionary of meaning. This way when he said something he would know what it would really mean to them. So my daughter actually wrote "My Dictionary When Dad Says No". It is so funny. We are thinking about framing it, but I also wanted to share so that all of those parents out there would know what it mean when you talk to your kids. :) These are her actual words. lol

1. When dad says not to that means I do it.
2. When dad says go to bed we stay up and play.
3. When dad says don't get out of bed that means to get out of bed.
4. When dad says get in bed and he will throw up your heat packs. That means stay and wait for
the heat pack and stall.
5. When dad says get in bed we get in bed for about 1 or 2 seconds and then get out of bed.
6. When dad says get into bed we stay up and talk to each other.
7. When dad says be quiet someone is sleeping that means be loud.
8. When dad says go to bed and don't work on it. That means stay up and work on it.
9. When dad says go to bed we always stay up and do something.
10. When dad says clean your room, you don't clean it.
11. When dad says don't read at night you read at night.

So now you know. This is really what your words mean to your kids. :P So when you have had it, just ask them to write you a dictionary. Happy Mothers Day!


The Fletchers said...

Um....that's awesome:) Hannah is a bright and special girl :)

Love you

AJ said...

LOL...reminds me of Hilary Weeks at Women's Conference. She said we needed a theme song for things we do. One of the things was dealing with teens (children) who seem to not hear what we are saying. She said the theme song was "Bibidy bobety boo" from Cinderella. She said that's what they heard when we talk...bibity bobety boo.