Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Nik's end of year concert was today at ten. It was nice because he is in 5th grade and they go first so we don't have to sit though everything to get to his prefomance. ;) So I am subjecting you to the first song of their little grouping. He did a great job but my video taking could be better. Oh well. It does look like my son is the kid in the yellow stripes because being a Violist he sits in the back and it is hard to get a good shot of him. This is their Ode to Joy song. I am glad my son loves to play an instrament, but we are defently going to have to get a better pracitice schedule next year.


Your Eternal Companion said...

Totally agree. We need to come up with some structure so he will practice more. He could be really good with practice. I love you, thanks for going on the walks with me. I really enjoy the time.


Katrina said...

Hurray for Nike... wow you are doing so well with your playing. I really enjoyed our practice time we had when grammy was there last... we will do it again soon. Love you so much Nik...
grammy cat

AJ said...

They did great for a 5th grade orchestra!!!

I know what you mean about the practicing. We have the same struggle here at our house. I don't have any hints for you. I told my kids flat out that if they wanted to learn an instrument they had to be self motivated because I wouldn't nag them like my mom did me. Most of the time they do pretty good at it.