Friday, May 22, 2009

On the Offensive!

There are certain things in this world that make me very happy. (Besides my fam and the gospel) One of my most favorite thing is my Bissell Carpet Cleaner! I have light blue/grey carpet in this place and very dirty children, so to be able to take twenty minutes, run over my carpet and have it looking like new just makes me soooo please. I know I am somewhat of a freak, but I love that I have a machine that works so good, I didn't pay an arm and a leg for it, and I have clean carpet. I have also been on the attack against some Aphids in my rose bush. *GGGRRRRR* But my garden savvy mom (Go Mom) gave me a great home remedy that has worked for years with her bushes. You get a squirt bottle and fill it full of water and then add about a TBSP of dish soap. You don't shake it up, just kind of swirl it around and then spray the heck out of your bush. (This is not my bush, but I wanted a good picture of the little critters.)The blooms, tops and bottoms of your leaves, the stalks and the soil around the base of your bush. Kills the Aphids within two days and doesn't do a thing to your plant! It has worked really good. I am finally getting blooms and the Aphids were turning them brown. :( I am so please to have something that works, that is inexpensive, and easy for my bushes. If the Aphids come back just spray them again, but they shouldn't. *Phew* They are dead as a door nail on my bushes! Thank you Mom!


elk lighting said...

I would be lost with out my carpet cleaner.

Megs said...

I have the same carpet cleaner and I 100% AGREE WITH YOU!!! It works so great, and BOY is it nice to have clean carpets! I tend to not pay attention to how dirty the carpet is...until one day I look down and realize that my front room looks like a crime scene from CSI!!! LOL Plus it only takes ONE instance of being able to get barf out of the carpet perfectly to feel that it was worth EVERY PENNY to get our carpet cleaner! ;)

Oh, and APHIDS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!! That is so freakin' hysterical because I JUST got that same recipe to kill the little buggers from MY Mom! Funny huh? I also heard that you can add some vegetable oil, and it stays on the plant longer! :D Good luck with your roses, ours are doing MUCH better since we treated them!