Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Comunicato

Just want to let my blogging community know that I will be quiet for a few weeks. I am in my final 5 week of school and have some major projects do. I have a slide ID test for the entire semesters worth of Egyptian Art on the 9th of April. My 15 min. power point oral presentation on the 30th, a second 15 minute oral presentation and 8-10 page paper due by the 5th of May, two more 4 page papers for my Saints and Sinners class along with the two books that they are are on. One is due Monday and the other the 4th of May. Then I have two more tests in literature, one on the 16th, the other on the 12th of May, along with the accompanying reading. So don't expect much if anything at all for a bit. If I get back on at the end of it all, well then I have survived, if not, well... I won't have to do summer school if the alternative happens. :) So here's to upper division class work! YE HAW!


Heavenly said...

Have fun! ;)

Michelle said...

Okay stacie it has been so long since I have blogged and looked at your blog that the second I pulled up you blog spot I thought you were pregnant but as I looked closer it was not you! Good luck with school the sacrifice will pay off down the road!!!!!