Sunday, March 29, 2009

What we've been doing.

Finished Sewing Room
Finished Sewing Room on the other side.

Flower Room

Flower Room
Flower Room

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day 2
Picture from my phone. The Kiddo's playing on the football field at the end of the season last year. Look a how they have grown.
Goof balls!
We are back home from Utah. We had great spring break. We worked hard and played hard. It was nice the first few days their and we got yard work done. Kartina is going to put up those pictures. (Or she will be in lots of trouble!) The kids played outside and it was wonderful because they wore themselves out enough that they passed out at bedtime. :):) Then we got snow a few days, so we painted the flower room and rearranged the sewing room and then on the intermediate day when it was sort of good weather we worked out in the yard. I also went to Meggs and helped her work on her yard. Those pics are on her sight. Needless to say I didn't get much homework done, but it felt good to be working with my hands and not as much with my brain. We ended up coming home a day early because Bruce's Grandma Rice finally passed this week. They left just before we did on Saturday morning to go to St. Louis for the funeral. So we are now home trying to get everything put away and be all ready for school to start tomorrow. Sam has his autoimmune blood pull, as well as, his chloride sweat test to rule out some other possible causes for all of the sinus infections he has been getting. I will let you know what we find out, but that will take a week or two. Other than that we are just recouping from being gone for a week.


Your Eternal Companion said...

i love you baby. i sorry the end of the week was so tough. i had a good time though.



Megs said...

Oh, Stace!! How jealous I am of having a sewing/craft room! My scrapbooking stuff is currently spread all over the kitchen table.
Great photog skills girl! :D
Your kids look as crazy as you were...looks like they would get along with my twerps PERFECTLY! :D
So much fun!
It is so nice to get back home no matter how fun the trip, huh? :D
Great work on your rooms, that will be so great to use now, huh? :D Enjoy!!!