Wednesday, February 4, 2009


One of the things I like about living here is that you can be driving along on a ho hum morning and out of the blue you see a hot air balloon. :) I love hot air balloons. I think they are so cool and we get them randomly in the sky, floating through the valley. Here is the picture of the one that was out this morning. Made my day. Also the picture of Sam is what happens when you leave him in the bathroom, with the hairspray and his sister for too long. He loves to have his hair done. It is quite cute. He says, "Mom can I wear a mohawk to school tomorrow?" My response. "Nope." LOL


Your eternal companion said...

Happy Birthday Love!!!!! Yea its crazy to have his hair issues. He reminds me so much of Matty;p I love you and hope you have a great B-Day.


Michelle said...

Ok Stacie, is it your birthday today or yesterday???? Anyways happy birthday to you!!! I like sams hair its cute and how cool to see a air balloon.