Saturday, February 28, 2009


So today it hit home just how out of shape and overweight I am. But let me back up. First off this morning our company headed out for home. We had a wonderful visit and really enjoyed all of them being here. We get to head down to Utah in three weeks for spring break and can't wait. Today was also Nik's music fesitval. He played his violia in an ensamble. He did awsome. I can't believe how hansome he is getting. Marc was really cute this morning, after Nik got all dressed up, Marc was like I have been all worried about Hannah and I should have been worring about Nik instead. I just laughed. Back to festival. It was over at one of the local high schools and there is a park next to it. So I sent Marc and the other three kids to the park because you don't have other people there to really see them preform. It is just a judge/evalulator person and some parents. So Nik did his thing and then he and I walked over to the park. This was not really to much of an issue until we got to the far side of the high school campus, across their track field and realised that there was no gate through the 6 foot tall fence. We were almost to the park and to have walked around would have been way out of the way and I didn't feel like it. So I decided we could hop the fence. I have climbed fences before, but I will be honest, it has been awhile. We found a spot that had a bar for an extra food hold and I hauled my butt up. I made it up, but once I got there I couldn't quite figure out how to get both legs over to the other side. Plus to add to the whole experence the top of the fence had those V shaped barbs on the top to dicourage climbing over. I did not realise this until I made it to the top and gouged the back of my leg while trying to figure out how to get unhooked. Then my son thought I couldn't get my leg over and tried help me and I rip my pants and about plunged to my death (a bit dramatic, I know) before I got him to understand that I didn't have foot hold on the other side and that was the only leg keeping me from falling. After about five minutes of stuggling and about five new brusies I made it over the fence. I get so frustrated with what I have in my mind that I can do only to realise that I barely have the physical ablity to accomplish it. Needless to say I am a bit sore and quiet a bit discusted with myself at the moment. *sigh* I often wonder if I have what it takes to be a bit more physically put together.


Becky said...

he IS cute. and don't be so hard on yourself. find something that works and take baby steps. you can do it!!!

Your Eternal Companion said...

Baby I am right there with you. I would have probably done the same thing. We just have to keep working at it and we will get there.

Love Your Eternal Companion

Erica said...

Ok, first of all...YES, you and Marc are in for it with that boy!

Second, congrats, Nik on your assembly.

Third, OUCH IS RIGHT! Stacie, I was half cracking up and half ready to cry for you. I hate taking "short-cuts" and paying for it in the end. I like the end result to come faster, though. I hope you heal fast, girl! <3

Cindi said...

Great story! And what a handsome boy you have!!!

AJ said...

Staci, you definitely have what it takes to get in better shape. Just keep trying until you find what works. And babysteps really take you along way.

Way to go, Nick, on the viola.

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

LOL!! okay I know you had a dramatic time climbing over that fence but it made me laugh!!! what an awesome memory!!!! I hope the bruises heal fast!!! :)