Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well today is a busy day (yea I know that they are all busy), but today is Sam's mapping CT scan. He has to be sedated for it and that will be happening this afternoon. He is being really good about not getting any food for the morning. I will update everyone with how it goes later tonight. He is having the scan for his sinuses. He had surgery a year ago August to clean out all of the gunk that has been there. And that seemed to work out until about Feb. and then he started getting infections again that have been getting progressively worse. He had another CT scan before Christmas and that one showed polyps and major infection even after 14 days of three different medications. He's been on meds for a month now and this CT is a special Brain Mapping CT so that if it shows that he need surgery then they will use the CT to do the actual surgery. This is why he has to be sedated, because you can barely blink and it will mess up the scan. We talked about it and decided that it would be better to have him put out for it. But that makes for a longer procedure. That is it for now, we are heading out the door very soon.


kannie said...

Oh man! We'll keep you guys in our prayers; hope the CT is productive and helpful, and that they're able to help poor Sam get all his sinus problems cleared up - what a trial, especially for a kiddo! (And his parents!!!)

The Crazy Heads said...

oh good luck, hope everything goes well!

Beth said...

I'll be thinking about you guys! It is never easy when they have to be sedated.